Welcome to Z-Hub.io. This site is the core of all the Zarafa community movements and will allow the community to share created extensions and plugins to the Zarafa’s products, such as Zarafa Collaboration Platform (ZCP) or Zarafa WebApp. All extensions are made freely available, and can be maintained and updated by its developers.

Git Repository

At Z-Hub, each plugin / extension receives its own git repository to be maintained, allowing clear code change tracking, history, and is publicly available for everyone.

Feature / Bug Tracking

Every project has the possibility to receive bug reports or feature requests, allowing the community to deliver feedback to the extensions available.


Each plugin and extension is as valued as others, for this every extension receives its own micro-site available to its maintainers, to keep the community informed about changes and provides some easy steps to get started.

Sounds good to you?

Go and grab your community extension, after a short review you would get all nifty things you need to share your extension!



Z-Push, the leading open source ActiveSync implementation allows to synchronize and manage ActiveSync enabled devices such as mobile phones, tablets or even with the new release of Z-Push 2.2.2, also Microsoft Outlook.

Zarafa for QNAP

Zarafa for QNAP allows to install Zarafa on your home device, corporate NAS or anywhere you want to run it natively available with a QPKG package format.

Zarafa 4 SambaADS

This extension allows to run Samba directly with a Samba 4 ADS backend, allowing your Zarafa server to run in ADS Backend mode. This allows user management easily with Windows Remote Server Administration Tools as well as Powershell management of your Zarafa environment.

WebApp iCal Importer

This plugin allows you to import and export Ical files directly in WebApp. So there is no need for curl anymore! You can choose the calender into which you want to import your ics file. If you do not want to import all events, just select those you want.